Beyond Current Horizons was a research programme set up to examine how social and technological change over the coming 20 or so years may present new challenges or opportunities for education.

The overall goal of the project was to build a set of long-term and challenging scenarios for the future of education 2025 and beyond in the context of socio-technical change.

On this website you will find:

Background - general information about the project, including the people involved, the approach taken and activities carried out.

6 Future scenarios – a set of detailed scenarios exploring the future of education.

Evidence – a searchable database containing all of the research papers that informed the development of the six future scenarios.

Long-term planning toolkit – a link to Vision Mapper, a practical online resource for long-term planning that was developed as part of Beyond Current Horizons.

Outcomes – the final report 2009 providing a detailed analysis of the project; other relevant research and findings relating to the project.