Outcomes from public events

A number of outcomes are available from a series of public engagement events that were aimed at finding out different groups of people’s views on the future of eduation. These outcomes helped to inform the direction of the Beyond Current Horizons research programme – particularly the choice of the five research challenges.

Baby Boomers workshop (4 March 2008)

This event aimed to get an idea of the purpose and nature of education according to the ‘baby boomer’ age group (50-65 year-old adults).

Download workshop report (378kb pdf)

Educators and Young People workshop (15 January 2008)

A workshop which was designed to help teachers and learners identify their hopes and priorities for the future of education.

Download workshop report (711kb pdf)

Download workshop photos/comments (1.34mb pdf)

Watch a video of vox pops from the workshop:

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Parents and Carers workshop (12 December 2007)

This event was designed to discover the concerns of parents of under-3s about the education of their children.

Download workshop report – summary (119kb pdf)

Download workshop report – full (411kb pdf)

Download workshop photos/comments (1.34mb pdf)