In this section you will find the final report 2009 providing a detailed analysis of the project, its rationale, activities and outcomes. Other research resources relevant to Beyond Current Horizons except the papers that directly informed the six future scenarios development (these are in the evidence section) can also be found here.

Final report 2009 – the summative report from the Beyond Current Horizons programme

Final report executive summary

Maintaining futures expertise report – informed by expert interviews with seven futures practitioners this report aims to give an introductory overview of futures work and offer some common ways of categorising it.

Futures review – a context for the early phases of Beyond Current Horizons

Make the future – A new video looking at ideas drawn in the main from research commissioned under the Beyond Current Horizons programme, considers futures for education in the light of social and technological change over the next two decades.

Podcast – Dan Sutch explores the question ‘why think about the future?’ The podcast examines some of the reasons and benefits to actively thinking about the future to inform the way we conceptualise and develop education.

Journal paper – The implications of BCH for educational technology research. K. Facer & R. Sandford.

Other findings Рpapers on some of the original long-list of Beyond Current Horizons research challenges 

Blog archive – the project blog, capturing ideas and progress

Other related work – links to other relevant work

Learning Futures: Education, Technology and Social Change, Keri Facer (2011), London: Routledge – In Learning Futures, Keri (former Research Director of Futurelab and the BCH programme) draws on the work of the Beyond Current Horizons Programme to explores the implications of socio-technical change for questions of social justice, democracy and education.