Final report 2009

Download the final report 2009 and the executive summary here:

Executive summary

Full report

This report is intended to provide a detailed record of the work of the Beyond Current Horizons programme, to provide access to the major outputs of the programme, and to begin the discussion of the implications of the programme for educational policy and practice. The report comprises:

Terms of Reference, principles and processes A summary of the initial briefing for the programme, the underpinning principles, and the design of the programme

The Challenge Reports Synoptic reports of the reviews commissioned from leading social scientists in five key areas, identifying the emergent trends and uncertainties, and their implications for education.

The reports are written by the following authors:

  • Generations and Lifecourse, by Professor Sarah Harper, Oxford University
  • Identities, Citizenship and Communities, by Professor Helen Haste, Harvard University
  • Knowledge, Creativity and Communication, by Dr Carey Jewitt, London Knowledge Lab
  • Working and Employment, by Professor Robert Wilson, Warwick University
  • State, Market and Third Sector Provision, by Richard Sandford, Futurelab

The Public Engagement Activity Describes the key themes and issues emerging from the Beyond Current Horizons Public Engagement work

The Beyond Current Horizons Scenarios Describes the evidence and insights used to design the scenarios and presents the three possible worlds and six scenarios for education 2025.

Discussion and Potential Future Directions Explores the key themes emerging across the programme and extracts from these a set of potential implications for education policy and practice for further debate and action.