6 Future scenarios

These scenarios have been developed with leading social scientists to provide insights into the different possibilities that might face education in the future. They are not predictions. Instead, they are stories of three different possible futures, imagining how the world could look after 2025, in order to challenge assumptions and stimulate thinking about the present.

They are structured around three potential worlds, each built around a different set of social values – increasingly individualised, increasingly collective or increasingly contested approaches towards life and education. These are the final versions of the scenarios. Use them to formulate robust future plans, to promote reflection and to give yourself greater confidence in your strategic thinking. Download PDF of the three worlds.

world 1

World 1: Trust yourself

A world where society holds strongly individual values, where people take charge of their own lives and the state accepts few responsibilities

world 2

World 2: Loyalty points

A world where relationships between people and the groups they belong to are managed by contracts, and personal reputations are carefully managed


World 3: Only connect

A world where people see themselves as members of society first and individuals second, and success is shared around everybody


At a glance

See a bird’s-eye view of life and learning within the world’s six future scenarios