Keyword: communication

Summative report: Identity, communities and citizenship

Professor Helen Haste

This Report addresses three overlapping and interlocking domains; identity, community and citizenship. The Challenge will also explore the intersection of identity and community, and identity and... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: community, society, technology, communication, IT

Summative report: Knowledge, creativity and communication

Dr Carey Jewitt

1       Introduction This report considers the potential effects of social and technological change on the character of knowledge, creativity and communication over the next three decades. It draws... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: knowledge, creativity, communication

Learning to learn

Professor Steven Higgins

“One of the core functions of 21st century education is learning to learn in preparation for a lifetime of change”. This vision of the future of education, which David... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: knowledge, creativity, communication, economics, education, curriculum

Technology and embodiment: relationships and implications for knowledge, creativity and communication

Sara Price, George Roussos, Taciana Pontual Falcão, Jennifer G. Sheridan

With the emergence of mobile and ubiquitous technologies there has been increased interest in exploring and thinking about the role of embodiment, and of particular relevance here, embodied... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: technology, knowledge, creativity, communication, interaction

Learning, remembering and meta-cognitive/communication skills

Steven D. Brown

Memory is a key contemporary theme within the social and biomedical sciences. Treatments of memory range from discussions of individual capacities to recollect events accurately, through studies of... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: communication, memory, learning, biology, skills

Community and CMC: the virtual absence of online communal being-ness

David Studdert

This paper proposes to examine the close relationship between the social sciences and offline interests (government, business, media, and all general non-CMC communities) as a key to... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: technology, IT, communication, community, society

Argumentation and dialogic teaching: alternative pedagogies for a changing world

Dr Sylvia Wolfe with Professor Robin J. Alexander

Studies of classroom communication indicate that certain patterns of interaction – exploratory talk, argumentation and dialogue – promote high-level thinking and intellectual development through their capacity to involve... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: pedagogy, school, communication, argumentation, teaching

Affect: knowledge, communication, creativity and emotion

Kathryn Ecclestone and Dennis Hayes

Concerns about emotional well-being have recently become the focus of social policy, particularly in education settings. This is a sudden and unique development in placing new ideas about... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: education, aspirations, communication, creativity, politics, curriculum, knowledge, education institutions

Changes in knowledge construction, participation and networks

Lewis Goodings

Technological environments are not merely passive containers of people but are active processes that reshape people and other technologies alike. - McLuhan, 1962 The future is here. It’s... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: technology, communication, participation, culture, knowledge, robots

Reworking the web, reworking the world: how web 2.0 is changing our society

Justin Reich

Web 2.0 refers to a suite of technologies that have dramatically lowered the interaction costs of two-way communication over the World Wide Web, which has democratized the production... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: Internet, identity, politics, economics, education, democracy, society, community, citizenship, communication, networks

Future issues in socio-technical change for UK citizenship: the importance of ‘place’

Nick Nash

This paper emphasises the importance of place in relation to identity, community and citizenship. In considering future technological advances it is argued that these concepts will continue to... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: place, community, citizenship, Internet, technology, communication, individualism

Integrating the internet into women’s lives

Louise Madden

This paper explores how the internet is taken up and used by women in the everyday; how it enters their lives, and how it is integrated into other... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: women, Internet, technology, communication, gender