Keyword: community

Summative report: Identity, communities and citizenship

Professor Helen Haste

This Report addresses three overlapping and interlocking domains; identity, community and citizenship. The Challenge will also explore the intersection of identity and community, and identity and... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: community, society, technology, communication, IT

The boundaries between informal and formal work

Dr John Round

It is assumed that as time progresses the formal economy becomes ever more important to everyday life. Whereas in the past people often worked on a subsistence... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: work, home, economics, family, community

The relationship between the constitution/construction of knowledge and identities, community

Gabrielle Ivinson

There is a great variety of contexts within society that continuously create, recreate and reproduce knowledge. The knowledge that is produced in society is enormously diverse as... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: Internet, skills, creativity, economics, knowledge, community

Location, location, location: rethinking space and place as sites and contexts for learning

Julian Sefton-Green

This essay considers the role of context and site in common understandings of learning in general and describes models of learning that exist as complement, supplement or remediation... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: learning environments, Sociology, home, school, community, relationships, cultural

Community and CMC: the virtual absence of online communal being-ness

David Studdert

This paper proposes to examine the close relationship between the social sciences and offline interests (government, business, media, and all general non-CMC communities) as a key to... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: technology, IT, communication, community, society

Young people’s reaction to the feeling of self-inefficacy and the role of technology towards a new kind of citizenship.

Thalia Magioglou

This review paper concerns the issue of citizenship as it applies to young people, especially those who have a sense of inefficacy in the political system. Starting from... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: citizenship, young people, technology, autonomy, community, democracy, society, politics, philosophy

Reworking the web, reworking the world: how web 2.0 is changing our society

Justin Reich

Web 2.0 refers to a suite of technologies that have dramatically lowered the interaction costs of two-way communication over the World Wide Web, which has democratized the production... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: Internet, identity, politics, economics, education, democracy, society, community, citizenship, communication, networks

Future issues in socio-technical change for UK citizenship: the importance of ‘place’

Nick Nash

This paper emphasises the importance of place in relation to identity, community and citizenship. In considering future technological advances it is argued that these concepts will continue to... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: place, community, citizenship, Internet, technology, communication, individualism

The dynamic relationship between knowledge, identities, communities and culture

Ken Jones

This review outlines significant issues in current cultural and knowledge-related change in England, with particular emphasis on their impact on education and on young people. It draws together... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: culture, identity, knowledge, community, young people, creativity, social differentiation, ethnicity, class

Communities and citizenship: paths for engagement?

Heike Doering

This paper deals with current issues in the constitution and maintenance of communities and the effect on notions of citizenship and public engagement. This review looks at a... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: community, citizenship, engagement, participation, place, accessibility, identity, inclusion, young people, politics

Ethnicity and Social Organisation: Changes and Challenges

Neli Demireva

With the overall British population rapidly ageing, there is a growing realization of the important role that both first and second generation ethnic minorities can play in demographic... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: ethnicity, society, community, demography, population, migration, ageing, employment, family