Keyword: culture

Private public education

Faizal Farook

This report gives an overview of the main trends affecting the role and relationship of the private and public sectors in education provision in Britain. Within the context... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: education, politics, multiculturalism, culture

Learning to work in the creative and cultural sector: new spaces, pedagogies and expertise

Dr David Guile

The paper questions the link that policymakers assume exists between qualifications and access to employment in the creative and cultural (C&C) sector. It (i) identifies how labour market... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: employment, creativity, skills, education, knowledge, industry, culture, politics

Changes in knowledge construction, participation and networks

Lewis Goodings

Technological environments are not merely passive containers of people but are active processes that reshape people and other technologies alike. - McLuhan, 1962 The future is here. It’s... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: technology, communication, participation, culture, knowledge, robots

Identity, community and selfhood: understanding the self in relation to contemporary youth cultures

Sarah Riley

This paper discusses some of the key factors that shape young people’s identity in relation to contemporary youth cultures. It describes a tightening of relationships between identity, leisure... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: young people, culture, neo-liberalism, consumption, leisure, politics, participation, society, individualism

The dynamic relationship between knowledge, identities, communities and culture

Ken Jones

This review outlines significant issues in current cultural and knowledge-related change in England, with particular emphasis on their impact on education and on young people. It draws together... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: culture, identity, knowledge, community, young people, creativity, social differentiation, ethnicity, class