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The importance of place

Anne E. Green

This paper has been prepared as part of the Review paper series for the Working and Employment Challenge of the Beyond Current Horizons programme of work on the... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: employment, geography, work, education, economy, labour

Summative report: The future of work and implications for education

Rob Wilson

The author is grateful to the Department of Children Families and Schools and to Futurelab in Bristol for their support of the Beyond Current Horizons (BCH)... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: work, employment, education, technology, society

The schooled society and beyond: the modernizing role of formal education as an institution

David P. Baker

Formal education - schooling from kindergarten well into adulthood at colleges and universities and other higher education institutions - transforms modern society in ways that were unimaginable at... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: school, society, knowledge, education

Summative report: State / market / third sector

Richard Sandford

Introduction This report considers the relationships between the state, the private sector and the third sector in the provision of education. It looks at the some of the factors... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: education, education providers, education institutions, technology, state education

Relationships between health and education providers

Nicholas Lee

In what follows I will identify trends in governance and provision that are making state funded education a more attractive site of activity from the perspective of health... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: health, education, psychology, teaching, politics

The digital landscape and new education providers

Briony Greenhill

This report aims to consider the role that may be played in educational provision by organisations and sectors who, to date, have rarely been considered part of mainstream... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: education, digital environment, media, home, school

Private public education

Faizal Farook

This report gives an overview of the main trends affecting the role and relationship of the private and public sectors in education provision in Britain. Within the context... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: education, politics, multiculturalism, culture

Learning to learn

Professor Steven Higgins

“One of the core functions of 21st century education is learning to learn in preparation for a lifetime of change”. This vision of the future of education, which David... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: knowledge, creativity, communication, economics, education, curriculum

Learning to work in the creative and cultural sector: new spaces, pedagogies and expertise

Dr David Guile

The paper questions the link that policymakers assume exists between qualifications and access to employment in the creative and cultural (C&C) sector. It (i) identifies how labour market... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: employment, creativity, skills, education, knowledge, industry, culture, politics

Arenas for learning and the road to citizenship

In the classroom activity described by Krange and Ludvigsen (Krange, 2007, 2008), Grade 9 students struggle with the problems of repairing and sequencing the insulin gene. As resources... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: citizenship, genes, biology, education

Potential educational developments involving neuroscience that may arrive by 2025

Paul Howard-Jones

Educational innovation involving valid neuroscientific concepts is a relatively new phenomenon and the challenges involved are considerable, but it can be expected that progress in this area will... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: brain, education, innovation, neuroscience

The growing importance of generic skills

Francis Green

Although it is generally recognised that modern economies require the use of continually greater skills, the notion of skill is often translated to mean education. Thus, a more... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: skills, economics, work, education, technology

The meaning of work

Stephen Overell

The purpose of this paper is to examine the notion of meaning as it relates to working life, with a view to extrapolating some implications for thinking about... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: economics, work, employment, education, friendship

Developing expertise – moving beyond a focus on workplace competence, assessment and qualifications

Alan Brown

This paper intends to highlight key trends in the development of expertise in the workplace in a way that goes beyond the current obsessions of many people with... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: assessment, competence, knowledge, work, education, development, skills, Lifelong Learning

Affect: knowledge, communication, creativity and emotion

Kathryn Ecclestone and Dennis Hayes

Concerns about emotional well-being have recently become the focus of social policy, particularly in education settings. This is a sudden and unique development in placing new ideas about... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: education, aspirations, communication, creativity, politics, curriculum, knowledge, education institutions

Creativity in the school

Professor Anna Craft

Creativity in the school: from drought to tsunami Metaphors are often used to describe creativity, and water is often a theme. For example, work by Csiksentmihalyi (1996) on... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: creativity, school, university, curriculum, practice, education

The future of learning in the age of innovation

Keith Sawyer

We are entering the innovation age. The innovation age requires very different citizens from the industrial age that dominated the globe for over a century: people who... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: creativity, innovation, learning, education, school, collaboration, knowledge, economics, learning environments

Three scenarios for the future – lessons from the sociology of knowledge

Dr Johan Muller, Professor Michael Young

This review draws on social realist approaches in the sociology of knowledge and, in light of them, constructs three scenarios for the future of education in the next... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: Sociology, education, future, society, social change

Identity and disability: a review of the current state and developing trends

Ruth Gwernan-Jones

Currently, disability is primarily viewed from a medical model that sees it as a tragedy resulting from impairment within the disabled person. The social model of disability views... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: disability, identity, society, education, young people

Reworking the web, reworking the world: how web 2.0 is changing our society

Justin Reich

Web 2.0 refers to a suite of technologies that have dramatically lowered the interaction costs of two-way communication over the World Wide Web, which has democratized the production... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: Internet, identity, politics, economics, education, democracy, society, community, citizenship, communication, networks

Virtual disruptions: traditional and new media’s challenges to heteronormativity in education

Aubry D Threlkeld

Schools generally reinforce heteronormative discourses to the degree that queer representations surface primarily through traditional mass media, and new cybermedia sources. In order to inspect possible future... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: sexuality, education, future, media, society, gender, networking, virtual worlds

Popular representations of the working class: contested identities and social change

David Weltman

This review critically explores media representations of working class people and working class lives. Drawing on various studies, as well as other examples from different forms of media,... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: class, media, technology, identity, ethnicity, education, future

The millennial generation: generation y and the opportunities for a globalised, networked educational system

Elisabeth Kelan, Michael Lehnert

The paper explores the changing educational needs and expectations of Generation Y, people born roughly between 1977 and 2000. The first part of the paper reviews existing research... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: work, education, generations, economics, society, technology, social change, personal development

Social class and education: changes and challenges

Ceri Brown and Hugh Lauder

This report will present scenarios relating to social class and education over the next 40 years. In order to do so, the first half of the report will... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: competition, occupations, education, class

Family structures and intergenerational transfers of learning: changes and challenges

John Jessel

In spite of the range of formal education that is available, much of our learning occurs informally in a variety of contexts. Among these contexts is the family.... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: ageing, population, demography, education, family, migration, generations

Later life and education: changes and challenges

George Leeson

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the population of the UK aged 65 years and over increased from 7.4 million and 13% in 1971 to 9.7... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: population, demography, education, ageing, longevity

Childhood and education: changes and challenges

Dr Nick Lee

The first section of this paper will describe the child-centred social investment thesis developed by Esping Andersen (2002). This thesis has been a strong influence on UK government... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: demography, education, health, welfare, society

Operating systems? An analysis of the structural relationship between the ICT industries and education

Julian Sefton-Green

This essay explores the relationship between the IT industries and the education system with a view to understanding how the mix of private sector interests and public provision... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: IT, industry, markets, education

The R&D, knowledge, innovation triangle: education and economic performance

Derek Bosworth

While the Lisbon Strategy states that the EU should “… become the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world, capable of sustainable economic growth with more and... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: population, knowledge, innovation, society, education, economics, technology