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The boundaries between informal and formal work

Dr John Round

It is assumed that as time progresses the formal economy becomes ever more important to everyday life. Whereas in the past people often worked on a subsistence... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: work, home, economics, family, community

Family structures and intergenerational transfers of learning: changes and challenges

John Jessel

In spite of the range of formal education that is available, much of our learning occurs informally in a variety of contexts. Among these contexts is the family.... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: ageing, population, demography, education, family, migration, generations

Review of future of paid and unpaid work, informal work, homeworking, the place of work in the family (women single parents, workless households), benefits, work attitudes motivation and obligation

Shirley Dex

Projecting trends into the future, or even just discussing them, is fraught with issues and problems. All too often predictions based on a particular single topic turn out... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: employment, work, home, family, women, benefits

Ethnicity and Social Organisation: Changes and Challenges

Neli Demireva

With the overall British population rapidly ageing, there is a growing realization of the important role that both first and second generation ethnic minorities can play in demographic... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: ethnicity, society, community, demography, population, migration, ageing, employment, family

Evolving family structures, roles and relationships in light of ethnic and social change

Robin Mann

This report is divided into two sections. In the first half, I provide an overview of the nature of change in family structures and relationships over the last... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: family, ethnicity, relationships, ageing