Keyword: Internet

The relationship between the constitution/construction of knowledge and identities, community

Gabrielle Ivinson

There is a great variety of contexts within society that continuously create, recreate and reproduce knowledge. The knowledge that is produced in society is enormously diverse as... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: Internet, skills, creativity, economics, knowledge, community

Detaching work from place: charting the progress of change and its implications for learning

Professor Alan Felstead

In a world of hyperbole and exaggeration, nothing seems to excite journalists and headline writers more than the idea that working for eight hours a day in a... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: work, employment, Internet, technology, business

Reworking the web, reworking the world: how web 2.0 is changing our society

Justin Reich

Web 2.0 refers to a suite of technologies that have dramatically lowered the interaction costs of two-way communication over the World Wide Web, which has democratized the production... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: Internet, identity, politics, economics, education, democracy, society, community, citizenship, communication, networks

Future issues in socio-technical change for UK citizenship: the importance of ‘place’

Nick Nash

This paper emphasises the importance of place in relation to identity, community and citizenship. In considering future technological advances it is argued that these concepts will continue to... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: place, community, citizenship, Internet, technology, communication, individualism

Integrating the internet into women’s lives

Louise Madden

This paper explores how the internet is taken up and used by women in the everyday; how it enters their lives, and how it is integrated into other... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: women, Internet, technology, communication, gender

Digital natives and ostrich tactics? The possible implications of labelling young people as digital experts

Ellen Helsper

The notion of a generation uniquely at home in a digital environment – the Digital Natives – is increasingly being challenged. Expertise and experience are just as important... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: young people, digital natives, Internet, risk, digital environment, generations