Keyword: young people

Young people’s reaction to the feeling of self-inefficacy and the role of technology towards a new kind of citizenship.

Thalia Magioglou

This review paper concerns the issue of citizenship as it applies to young people, especially those who have a sense of inefficacy in the political system. Starting from... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: citizenship, young people, technology, autonomy, community, democracy, society, politics, philosophy

Identity and disability: a review of the current state and developing trends

Ruth Gwernan-Jones

Currently, disability is primarily viewed from a medical model that sees it as a tragedy resulting from impairment within the disabled person. The social model of disability views... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: disability, identity, society, education, young people

Identity, community and selfhood: understanding the self in relation to contemporary youth cultures

Sarah Riley

This paper discusses some of the key factors that shape young people’s identity in relation to contemporary youth cultures. It describes a tightening of relationships between identity, leisure... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: young people, culture, neo-liberalism, consumption, leisure, politics, participation, society, individualism

Re-imagining the future: young people’s construction of identities through digital storytelling

Kyoko Murakami

This review paper explores a relationship between young people’s identity construction and digital storytelling in the learning environment, especially those who are disaffected and at risk of being... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: young people, disaffection, identity, storytelling, knowledge, economics, teaching, engagement

The dynamic relationship between knowledge, identities, communities and culture

Ken Jones

This review outlines significant issues in current cultural and knowledge-related change in England, with particular emphasis on their impact on education and on young people. It draws together... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: culture, identity, knowledge, community, young people, creativity, social differentiation, ethnicity, class

Digital natives and ostrich tactics? The possible implications of labelling young people as digital experts

Ellen Helsper

The notion of a generation uniquely at home in a digital environment – the Digital Natives – is increasingly being challenged. Expertise and experience are just as important... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: young people, digital natives, Internet, risk, digital environment, generations

Communities and citizenship: paths for engagement?

Heike Doering

This paper deals with current issues in the constitution and maintenance of communities and the effect on notions of citizenship and public engagement. This review looks at a... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: community, citizenship, engagement, participation, place, accessibility, identity, inclusion, young people, politics

Understanding the changing adolescent brain

Stephanie Burnett, Catherine Sebastian and Sarah-Jayne Blakemore

Recent brain imaging studies have demonstrated that the human brain continues to develop throughout the adolescent years. Although there are differences between male and female teenagers in terms... Read more »

TOP KEYWORDS: brain, neuroscience, adolescence, young people, psychology, development